General Questions

1. What is Cinnect?

Cinnect is the independent film marketplace for film distribution. It has been designed to streamline the licensing and acquisitions process on one platform. Production companies, filmmakers and sellers have the opportunity to maximise potential rights to a variety of content distributors and buyers.

2. Does it cost to register on the platform?

It is free to register on the platform for a limited profile.
Premium subscription offers include unlimited projects a month, access to data analytics and additional features to be announced.

3. When will the full platform go live?

The platform will live go in Q4 2020. Pre-register now for updates and further details of the launch.

4. How is my data protected?

We adhere to all GDPR compliance measurements. User data is not sold to any third parties and we've implemented a variety of security measures to ensure you can navigate the platform safely.

5. How is it different from a traditional film market?

Traditional film markets happen annually or at regular times throughout the year, typically for a number of days. Our online platform is available 24/7 for you to make deals and connect with other content buyers or sellers. It's designed to be time-efficient and an alternative way to acquire and license content.

6. Can transactions be completed on the platform?

Yes, the platform will allow you to negotiate agreements and conclude contractual agreements on the platform. Our payment services are delivered by Stripe, one of the world's most regularly used and safe payment providers.

7. Who will be able to sign up to the platform?

Anyone who has the rights to acquire or sell film content can sign up to our platform. This will typically be Film Producers, Distributors and OTT Platforms.

8. Will there be video pitching / conferencing on the platform?

Yes, the platform will include video conferencing allowing you to pitch and negotiate as needed.

9. Can anyone register on the platform?

Yes, if you're a content buyer or seller. Similar to other film markets, all registered users will be verified to ensure they are industry professionals. This will mean users of Cinnect can use the platform with confidence that they'll be doing business with other professionals.

Questions For Buyers

1. Does the Cinnect platform have a screening room to view available titles?

Yes, content buyers will be able to view trailers and screeners of titles available on the platform. Content sellers will have the ability to customise how their screeners are accessed to ensure security.

Questions For Sellers

1. How will film distributors be able to license films?

Content sellers will be able to list projects that are complete or in development. Content buyers are then able to contact and negotiate terms directly on the platform, including completing deals in entirety within the platform itself.

2. We wish to license our film in multiple territories/regions can we do that on your platform?

Yes, as a seller you're in full control of how you license your content. You can manage the entire acquisitions and licensing process from within the platform.